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Customer Testimonials

I'm happy to write this testimonial due to the exceptional service I received. From the time I first looked for safes on my iPad on Monday, emailed Abate Safe and spoke to safe experts on the phone, who asked the relevant questions about access and explained the delivery procedure, my safe was installed by mid morning Wednesday. Everything went exactly as the staff explained and the two installers could not have been more professional, having their vacuum cleaner ready for the minute amount of dust when the safe was bolted into the cement floor. Thank you for everything, it was a pleasure to deal with Abate Safe, and talk about peace of mind with this solid piece of metal in place. 

Lynn Pratley - Resident 

I was after a good quality safe for use in my business and found Abate Safe to be very helpful with their knowledge. I made the mistake a few years back in purchasing a safe from a hardware store. At the time I thought I got a bargain however the flimsy steel box only caused me trouble when it was easily broken into. It turned out to be very expensive in the end when I lost cash and valuables. I’m very happy with the heavy duty safe I purchased from Abate Safe. They installed the safe and I’m much more confident my belongings are protected this time.

Frank Ipsa - Brooklyn Paving 

Thanks to staff at Abate for assisting me with buying a new fire resistant cabinet. I was unlucky to have lost my home on Black Saturday in Victoria. After re-building it was very important that I bought the best fire resistant cabinet available. Abate had many options and they were very helpful. Thank you. 

Agnes Baird - Home Owner