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Safe Advisor

Select a safe with confidence 

Whether you require a safe to protect cash and valuables against theft or a safe or security cabinet to protect your documents or data against fire, we can assist you in selecting the safe that best suits your needs.

What are you protecting? 

The items you plan to place in your safe will determine what type of safe you require. Abate Safe Co supply and install a large range of premium quality safes from trusted safe manufacturers. Depending on the type of safe and security level, safes can offer cash ratings, fire ratings, security certifications and endorsements from health and government associations. 

Property Type of Safe Safe Range Cash Rated Fire Rated
Jewellery, Watches, Cash, Laptop (Personal) Theft Resistant

Home Safe
Office Safe
Laptop Safe
Floor / Wall Safe

$2K - $50K 30-60 mins
Cash Storage, Jewellery, Watches (Commercial) Theft Resistant Commercial Safe $50K-$250K 30-120 mins
Passports, Important Documents, Wills Theft Resistant
Fire Resistant
Home Safe
Office Safe
$2K-$50K 30-60 mins
Artillery, Fire Arms Theft Resistant Rifle Safe
Pistol Safe
Prescription Drugs Theft Resistant Drug Safe Health Department Approved 
Retail Cash Deposits Theft Resistant Postal Deposit Safe
Under Counter Safe
Cash Management Safe
Time Delay Safe
Digital Media, Hard Drives Computers, Cameras, Photos, Film Fire Resitant Data Safe
Data Box
  60-120 mins
Government Documents Theft Resistant
Fire Resistant
SCEC Approved Safe
SCEC Approved Cabinet
SCEC Class A, B & C 
Office documents, Folders, Archives Fire Resistant Fire Resistant Filing Cabinet   60-120 mins
Vehicle Keys Theft Resistant Key Safe
Key Cabinet
General Storage Theft Resistant Storage Safe $5K - $10K  
Cigarettes, Mobile Phones (Commercial) Theft Resistant Steel Plate Safes $5K - $10K  
Passports, Travel Documents & Watches, Jewellery (Personal)   Hotel Safe    
Passports, Travel Documents (Travel Agents & Customs) Theft Resistant Travel Agent Safe $25K 60 mins



These safes are designed and engineered to protect against attack and burglary. It is important to note that safes are not completely theft proof. However, the higher the cash rating the higher the security the safe will provide. 

Theft Resistant features can include; 

  • Interlocking bolts, Re-locking devices, Anti-drill plates, Superior body & Door Thickness, Time-delay functions, Glass re-locker 

Cash Ratings

High security theft resistant Safes have cash ratings, which are based on their level of security and time it would take to gain entry by force. Cash ratings can range from $5,000 up to $500,000 in a non-supported situation (no monitored alarm). Tested, rated and certified safes undertake a diverse range of testing to determine how long it would take for an intruder to crack the safe open. The cash rating may determine the amount an insurance company will provide if the safe is attacked. The higher the cash rating the higher the level the security provided.


These safes are designed and engineered to protect paper documents or computer media from heat and fire. An important thing to know is that no safe is completely fire proof. 

Fire Resistant features can include;

  • High strength fire chamber, Fire seal, Fire resistant mineral compound between the steel plate and the fire wall

These fire resistant features and the insulation within the safe releases moisture when the safe is exposed to extreme heat. This enables the temperature of the safe to remain below the level of paper ignition.

Fire Ratings

Fire Resistant safes and fire resistant cabinets undertake various testing methods to determine their degree of protection. Fire ratings range from 30mins to 2 hours and indicate the degree of protection the safe and filing cabinet will provide its contents if exposed to fire. 


Size of the Safe

The contents to be stored in the safe will determine the size of the safe to best suit your requirements. An important note is to estimate approximately 20-40% more capacity space to allow for additional items for future needs.

Location of the Safe

Particularly for residential safes the final placement needs to be assessed based on the discrete location and the area size you have available. Other factors may include things like; travel path, stairs or steps and floor construction (timber, concrete, tiles).

Professional Safe Installation 

Purchasing a safe is a sound investment and the ensuring it is installed correctly will determine the level of security. Safes can be bolted down or cemented into timber, tiled, carpet or concrete flooring to maximise the risk of removal. Abate Safe Co professionally deliver and install safes Australia wide. 

Expert Safe Servicing & Maintenance 

Safes require servicing and maintenance to ensure all mechanisms are performing to provide maximum security. It is advised to have your safe serviced every 12-18 months. When you purchase a safe through Abate Safe Co you can be confident that your safe will be operating to its optimum through professional servicing and maintenance when requested by our customers. 

Quality & Value

Purchasing a safe or security cabinet is an important investment. For some it is a life time purchase. To protect what is most important to you or your business the safe or security cabinet you invest in is a significant decision. There are lower grade products sold at department and hardware stores, outlets and online auction sites, however they will not necessarily protect the value of the items stored.