Get first hand advice when buying a second hand safe

Get first hand advice when buying a second hand safe

When buying a second hand safe it is important to have a clear understanding of the true condition of the safe. This information may not be completely accurate when buying directly from a previous owner or an auction site such as eBay or Gumtree. So, would you trust your valuables from an untrusted source?

To get the true facts, it’s fundamental that you seek advice from a safe expert or qualified locksmith that specialises in safes. By speaking to a professional you can find out accurate information.

Some Key Factors to Investigate

Has the safe been previously attacked, drilled or tampered with that will adversely affect the security protection? Unless you are a safe expert you will not know the true level of protection the safe can provide in relation to fire and cash ratings. Wear and tear and poor movement and relocations can harm the construction and mechanisms in the body. A safe that has been interfered with may be damaged.

Are the fire resistant barrier materials still defensive? Many safes made over 50 years plus, that display a badge such as “FIRE RESISTANCE OR FIRE PROOF” are no longer the case. The barrier material that was used at the time of manufacturing has now expired and no longer offers any resistant to heat what so ever.

Has the safe undergone routine servicing?  Neglecting safe servicing and maintenance can affect the working order of the locking mechanisms and security features.

The quality of the locking mechanisms Poor quality locks or cheap imports will not last the test of time.

When buying a second hand safe many are of the mindset that a locks, safe’s construction or operation is one that will last forever, but beware. This is not always the case.

There are definitely many advantages of buying a second hand safe. High quality second hand safes that have been routinely serviced can be purchased for very good prices. You can avoid depreciation costs and gain a higher resale value. Antique safes that have been looked after are highly sort after and valuable.

Most important piece of advice….do your research first and trust a reliable source. What you think is a real bargain or good buy may not be the best option to protection your valuables.

It’s extremely important to make sure if you are intending to purchase a second hand safe seek the advice of a trained professional to make sure that the safe you are looking to purchase will indeed cover you at the time most needed.

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