Keeping Keys Safe in your Business Large Key Safes & Key Cabinets

Keeping Keys Safe in your Business  Large Key Safes & Key Cabinets

Large Key Safes and Key Cabinets are essential to safely secure keys for businesses such as fleet management, vehicle sales and rentals, real estate agents, the education sector, and accommodation rentals.

Industrial and commercial businesses where high risk moving equipment is used such as forklifts and excavators, key management is essential. Not only to the organisations security system, but also to the safety of personnel.

The loss of keys can be detrimental to the security of a business and can compromise OH&S standards and guidelines. Eliminate the risk of key theft by locking up your keys, swipe cards and fogs in a quality key cabinet or key safe.

For key management functionalities, Key Safes and Key Cabinets can be fitted with access control locking mechanisms to provide control of whom accesses certain keys, at what times and records dispatch and return data.

Abate Safe Co have a large collection of Key Cabinets and Large Key Safes for sale. From small scale cabinets that hold 20 keys to larger models with the capacity of 5,000.

The Kidde Touch Point Key Cabinet will provide a standard level of security with a capacity of 30 keys. It has an easy-to-use push button lock and includes tags and rings.  This model is also available in larger sizes to house 30 to 120 keys.

For high key security management the Platinum Key Safe provides premium protection with an auto latching and auto locking digital code lock. It is available with upgraded digital locking functionalities such as; access control, time delay, dual user and audit trails. It features heavy-duty construction, superior 3-way locking on most models and offers a recommended cash rating of $20,000. It is available in 8 sizes with key capacity starting from 60 to over 580 keys.

If you need help selecting the best Key Safe or Key Cabinet for your business call Abate Safe Co on 1800 732 630.