Safely securing prescription drugs

Safely securing prescription drugs

It is the legal responsibility for Hospitals, Medical Clinics, Aged Care Facilities and Health practitioners to safely store controlled drugs in a safe or cabinet that complies with the Australian Health Department Specifications.

It is not only a legal requirement, secure drug storage is the most successful way to prevent drug theft, accidental poisoning and misuse.

The Department of Health and Human Services sets boundaries for the safe storage of prescription drugs to protect the community from the potential harm of medicines and chemicals. Legal responsibilities for the storage of controlled drugs are stated in the Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Act 1981 and Regulations 2017.

Ensure your medical clinic or health facility complies with state legislations and make certain the storage of controlled drugs is compliant.

Abate Safe recommends the Chubb Drug Safe which is constructed from 10mm solid steel and fitted with an Australian made key lock.

For premium protection Abate Safe recommends The Platinum Drug Safe with a 12mm steel door and body and features an auto latching mechanism which ensures the door detent automatically throws the mechanism to lock position. Access Control is also available on the Platinum Safe Range which allows full control of users and audit reporting.

Abate Safe’s expert safe technicians will ensure your medical safe is professionally installed as per government requirements. They’ll provide trusted advice to protect prescription drugs for hospitals, pharmacies, aged care facilities, veterinaries and medical clinics.

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